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Welcome to Martin Oduor-Otieno Leadership Academy

Welcome to the Martin Oduor-Otieno Leadership Academy, your premier online leadership learning and development platform. Created to celebrate the leadership achievements of a respected and renowned corporate leadership guru, the academy provides an opportunity for leaders across ages, positions, sectors and industries to learn from Martin’s experiences and also from interactions with other learners and instructors.

The Academy runs structured programmes that provide learners with the opportunity to research, share learning points and perspectives and explore leadership paradigms and approaches through case studies, online chats, in-depth discussions and face to face conversations.

The Academy gives assignments, tests and papers to interrogate if learning has taken place and issues certificates of completion to participants to signify successful participation in the various leadership programmes that will be on offer from time to time.

Join us on this great leadership journey that promises to deliver you to your desired leadership destination.


" I have learnt a lot of lessons on leadership. Some have come through exploration and discovery. Others have simply found their way to me, through life experience. Indeed, learning is of at least two types. Sometimes we set out to find out things. This kind of leadership is often driven by some gain motivation.    But i have also found out that you can learn differently about leadership and   that leadership begins with inspiration. It is inspiration that goes with vision. The leader must have a sense of direction, faith and belief in something – a kind of vision that people can pursue. Everywhere, people are looking for something positive in their lives.    You must therefore demonstrate the capacity to deliver them to the land of your collective dreams. "

 - Excerpt from my book Beyond the shadows of my dream

To me leadership is about the following:  

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